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Nurturing Digital Engagement

Nurturing Digital Engagement Amid the dynamic shifts in the gaming industry, Opap SA, Greece’s foremost gaming company, wholeheartedly embraced innovation to offer its customers an engaging and gratifying experience through ‘OpapOnline Stars’ and ‘PS Magic Land’. These applications were developed by MPASS in collaboration with Opap and have boosted customer engagement, loyalty, and business success. […]
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Astypalaia-Engagement & Gamification for Citizens participation

Citizens participation MPASS Ltd, in close collaboration with the Municipality of Astypalaia, has successfully revolutionized the concept of engagement and gamification through their groundbreaking platform, #energos_politis Ask For More Astypalaia-Engagement & Gamification for Citizens participation This remarkable achievement, driven by the active participation of users, propelled us to secure a coveted prize at the esteemed […]
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Engagement and Gamification platform

The joint venture of Lufthansa & Fraport Fraport AG and Deutsche Lufthansa AG, two worldwide leading companies, through their joint venture FraAlliance, collaborate with MPASS to customize the Engagement and Gamification platform offered by the later and to setup the FRAwards Engagement and Gamification experience. Ask For More From early Nov. 2022, The FRAwards experience […]
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Receipt Processing and Validation Platform

Receipt Processing and Validation Platform Ask For More Using the MPASS’s service for receipt recognition, Ogilvy Greece launched a promo campaign for “NOYNOY Kid” family of products. Via MPASS solution, specific mixed of “NOYNOY Kid” products are identified in real-time and extracted from receipts that customers submit on a promoting web-page or the Facebook messenger. […]
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AB Touch Point Infokiosk App

AB Touch Point Infokiosk App AB Vassilopoulos, a leading factor of Greek food retailing market, is partnered for more than 10 years with MPASS, in order to capitalize on mobile and interactive infokiosks channel and launch multiple personalized and targeted campaigns to loyalty members, but also enriched content to its customers Ask For More MPASS […]
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Aegean Airlines Chatbot

Aegean Airlines Chatbot Aegean Airlines, the largest airline in Greece, along with MPASS, embarked on a strategic initiative to develop and deploy a Virtual Assistant, a chatbot, aimed at enhancing passenger experience while minimizing customer care costs. Ask For More Aegean Chatbot Welcome Flights Info Aegean Airlines chatbot application, designed and maintained by the ChatBizHub […]
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11. Elpedison Referral Program website Image

Elpedison Referral Program

Elpedison Referral Program ELPEDISON, a leading company both in electricity production and supply, and gas supply, was looking for a solution to increase market size with new customers Ask For More MPASS helped ELPEDISON to launch an advanced referral program, through which current customers are motivated and incentivized to introduce new customers. This “bring a […]
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AIA infokiosk

AIA Infokiosk App

AIA Infokiosk App The Athens International Airport (AIA) called for an interactive infokiosks turn key solution that will provide valuable and up to date information to passengers arriving to the airport and Athens in general. Ask For More AIA infokiosk homepage menu AIA infokiosk call assistance MPASS was chosen to design, to develop, to install, […]
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8. AB Promo Campaigns Viber SMS website Image

AB Promo Campaigns (Viber & SMS)

AB Promo Campaigns (Viber & SMS) The AB Vassilopoulos, a leading player of Greek food retailing market, requires a reliable, cost-effective, easy to use and high-speed solution for both mobile SMS and VIBER marketing campaigns and automated messaging. Ask For More To reach this multichannel strategy, the MPASS messaging platform was setup on both SMS […]
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Athens Chamber of Tradesmen Chatbot

Athens Chamber of Tradesmen Chatbot The Athens Chamber of Tradesmen, Greece’s largest Chamber in the commerce and services sector, has chosen to leverage the widespread popularity of social media platforms by introducing a Virtual Digital Assistant. Ask For More EEA Chatbot The Athens Chamber of Tradesmen, harnessing social media platforms reach, introduced a Virtual Digital […]
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