Elevating Customer Engagement with Rakuten Viber Partnership

MPASS has partnered with Rakuten Viber to enhance customer engagement and provide innovative tools for businesses. Rakuten Viber offers dynamic messaging options, while MPASS excels in chatbot development. Together, they will empower businesses with Viber chatbots for improved customer service and marketing. This collaboration promises more personalized interactions, elevating customer satisfaction and engagement.
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Astypalea 2nd mission & Chatbot

MPASS and Astypalea: Powering Citizen Engagement with energos_politis

MPASS’ collaboration with Astypalea’s island Municipality to birth the #energos_politis initiative, is a testament to our pioneering efforts in fostering citizen engagement via gamified techniques. This venture emerged through the ‘Engagement and Gamification’ platform of MPASS, a portal that contributes to the aspirations of the Municipality of Astypalea, as it tirelessly strives for a smarter, […]
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MPASS and OPAP are revolutionizing Interactive Gaming

MPASS Ltd collaborated with OPAP SA to create a unique interactive web application, OPAP OnlineStars. Thus, a captivating and immersive gaming environment was created, allowing users to compete live, win prizes, and earn rewards. To meet OPAP’s business and operational requirements, a fully flexible and responsive web service was delivered based on the Engagement and […]
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ose mobile app

MPASS and the Hellenic Railways Organization are introducing the OSE Railways Mobile app

In a landmark collaboration between MPASS and OSE (Hellenic Railways Organization), the new OSE Railways digital service emerges as a significant digital transformation initiative and it is available to the passengers and via a mobile app and a chatbot. Available on mobile devices or tablets, OSE Railways provides travelers with up-to-the-minute updates on routes, schedules, […]
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MPASS proudly announces the continuation of FRAwards, with our valuable partner FRaAlliance GmbH

In late 2022, MPASS collaborated with FraAlliance GmbH – the joint venture of Fraport AG and Deutsche Lufthansa AG – to offer an enhanced Engagement and  Gamification experience for everyone traveling through Frankfurt’s Airport, tilted FRAwards.  MPASS and FRaAlliance are proud to announce the continuation of this initiative to its Second Phase, the FRAwards 2.0 […]
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Athens International Airport IT & Telecommunications Systems Business Unit and MPASS Ltd Collaboration

The goal of the IT & Telecommunications Systems Business Unit of the Athens International Airport is the provision of IT & Telecommunications services to the companies of the aviation community through a new efficient digital channel. Specifically, the need to optimize the operation of the distribution channel of the B2B IT & Telecommunications services led […]
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Internet of things in the retail industry: The innovative way to enhance experience & boost impulse buying

Technology and Innovation are rapidly transforming the face of business for retailers. On the other side, the consumers’ demand for convenience and immerse shopping experience will drive retailers to quickly adopt digital strategies that can increase revenue, reduce costs and deliver differentiated brand experience. That will definitely include the incorporation of IoT technologies. The Internet […]
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Increase passenger experience & revenues with real time & personalized information over social media

According to recent reports, there are 1,68 billion active mobile social accounts (23% penetration worldwide and 46% penetration on mobile phone owners). Additionally, only a 25% of the installed mobile apps are used, mainly for socializing, communicating and gaming. Mobile social media appear to be the key communication channel for retailers, brands, and service providers. […]
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The four steps to master omnichannel marketing

We live in an era of messaging destruction that led to the age of indifference. Marketers worldwide were enthusiastic when they realized how easily they could reach their customers with their digital messages, but suddenly they understood that anyone else could also reach the same audience with the same easiness. We are bombarding consumers on […]
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MPASS mission is to merge the two worlds, Digital Technology and Business Processes, with the view to assist an organization in redesigning its relationship with customers, citizens, or consumers and contribute to accelerate efficiency, excellence and profitability.

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