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Astypalea 2nd mission & Chatbot

MPASS and Astypalea: Powering Citizen Engagement with energos_politis

MPASS’ collaboration with Astypalea’s island Municipality to birth the #energos_politis initiative, is a testament to our pioneering efforts in fostering citizen engagement via gamified techniques. This venture emerged through the ‘Engagement and Gamification’ platform of MPASS, a portal that contributes to the aspirations of the Municipality of Astypalea, as it tirelessly strives for a smarter, more sustainable island. 

MPASS and Astypalea’s  island Municipalitymanaged to secure a prestigious award in Smart City Expo & Conference, yet our partnership has extended beyond mere accolades. The energos_politis platform educates users engagingly through interactive games. Following the success of our initial mission, which featured a collection of educational games on recycling, we are delighted to introduce a fresh array of interactive experiences, addressing the vital topic of electromobility. Aligned with the rising significance of adopting eco-conscious habits, the MPASS and Astypalea collaboration has once again united to aid users in learning through enjoyable gaming experiences.

However, Astypalea’s sustainable evolution has significantly deepened, as at the heart of energos_politis, stands the ‘AstyPal’ chatbot, a virtual assistant. ‘AstyPal’ is an advanced Natural Language Processing (NLP) model that responds to user inquiries about recycling and electromobility in Astypalea, ensuring they stay informed about their island’s environmental initiatives at any time of the day.

With MPASS and the #energos_politis engagement platform, Astypalea isn’t just embracing the future; it’s shaping it, one innovative stride at a time. Join us on this exhilarating journey towards a smarter, more sustainable world.

To learn more about the initiatives of Astypalea and MPASS, click here!

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