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MPASS and the Hellenic Railways Organization are introducing the OSE Railways Mobile app

In a landmark collaboration between MPASS and OSE (Hellenic Railways Organization), the new OSE Railways digital service emerges as a significant digital transformation initiative and it is available to the passengers and via a mobile app and a chatbot.

Available on mobile devices or tablets, OSE Railways provides travelers with up-to-the-minute updates on routes, schedules, or delays, all the while offering a comprehensive array of routes spanning every destination OSE has to offer.

Furthermore, this service gives valuable insights into OSE, including essential contact information. It also underscores the organization’s commitment to its goals and ongoing efforts to enhance public services, delivering enhanced solutions for all.

MPASS’ technical expertise is the driving force behind the intuitive interface that was created, which delivers comprehensive information with unparalleled clarity and confidence. At the moment on Android and later on iOS, the app provides a user-friendly experience and is designed for seamless navigation through different routes. In a significant leap forward, OSE Railways is gearing up to enhance user experience with the introduction of a chatbot feature, OSE Railways bot, offering passengers an alternative and convenient method to inquire about train routes. 

This product of the dynamic partnership between MPASS and OSE is poised to enhance the offered experience  for travelers, embarking on their journeys with access to the most accurate and current information available.

Scan the QR Code or tap on the link to download the app today. Start your next train adventure!


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