Nurturing Digital Engagement

Amid the dynamic shifts in the gaming industry, Opap SA, Greece’s foremost gaming company, wholeheartedly embraced innovation to offer its customers an engaging and gratifying experience through ‘OpapOnline Stars’ and ‘PS Magic Land’. These applications were developed by MPASS in collaboration with Opap and have boosted customer engagement, loyalty, and business success.

Opap OnlineStars: A Unique Gaming Journey

Opap OnlineStars is a captivating web application designed to create an interactive gaming environment. It enables users to compete live, win prizes, and earn rewards. To meet Opap’s business and operational needs, a flexible and responsive web service was presented, based on the Engagement and Gamification platform of MPASS, ensuring that players can access the platform across various devices seamlessly.

  • Points, Rewards & Leaderboard
    Points and rewards are earned based on the interaction with the platform. These include not only incredible gifts but also cash prizes.
    What’s more, in celebration of events like the “Panik concert 2023”, Opap OnlineStars introduced interactive leaderboards. The top scorers in each campaign had the opportunity to win complimentary tickets, creating an exciting incentive for players.
  • User-Friendly Gaming Management System (GMS)
    Opap OnlineStars is equipped with a user-friendly GMS that allows the Opap team to have full control over rewards, game content, and theming.
    This flexibility enables the company to adapt and tailor the platform catering to various promotional activities and competitions.

PS Magic Land: A Guaranteed Reward Experience

In another collaboration with OPAP, MPASS introduced “PS Magic Land”, a unique experience for all Pamestoixima players, allowing them to receive guaranteed prizes and rewards while competing live against other users.

  • Promotions and Leaderboards
    “PS Magic Land” provides players with access to promotions, leaderboards, tier lists, prizes, and more. Promotions grant points to users upon completion, and tier lists offer a progression system from Bronze to Platinum, encouraging participants to continue.
  • Responsive Web Service & Flexible Gaming Management System (GMS)
    The application is built with MPASS’s Engagement and Gamification platform, delivering an adaptable and friendly web service, guaranteeing players can enjoy the experience on various devices. Moreover, the platform is ready to provide a user-friendly GMS, offering a variety of features that allow the OPAP team to define and manage prizes, promotions, content, and theming, ensuring that the application remains dynamic.
magicLand_1 Opap OnlineStars

The big picture

The collaboration between MPASS and Opap SA has been exceedingly fruitful, producing two remarkable applications that have set new standards in the gaming industry. Opap OnlineStars and PS Magic Land exemplify the potential of gamification and interactive experiences in driving customer engagement and loyalty.
By embracing innovation and customization, clients like Opap can maximize their revenues and profits.