Chatbot as a Service

Chatbot as a Service ChatBiz Hub ChatBiz Hub service by MPASS capitalizes on the versatility and power of social media to deliver generic or personalized information & establish a digital interactive relationship with citizens and customers Ask For More ChatBiz Hub ChatBiz Hub helps organizations and companies: 01 Enhance end-users’ digital experience 02 Minimize customer […]
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Engagement Solutions

Engagement Solutions Todays’ prosumers are not only loyal customers; they need to interact with an organization or enterprise via a coherent cross-channel journey. MPASS supports this challenge by creating personalized consistent experiences to your brand prosumers. Ask For More MPASS engagement solution portfolio Increase brand advocacy and campaign return values, making consumers to be customers […]
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Engagement & Gamification Platform

Gamification Platform To modernize the engagement and to motivate the participation of citizens, customers, professionals and employees MPASS has developed the GAIMING gamification platform. Ask For More The Gamification Platform In the GAIMING platform, more than 50 educative, mental, skill-based, knowledge, competitive and fun game mechanisms are available to design and deploy not only the […]
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Interactive Infokiosks

Interactive Infokiosks Recently, phygital experience has received more attraction. A classic example of offering phygital services is when infokiosks are used by organizations and enterprises. Ask For More We offer a turn-key solution for fast and secure design, deployment and support Whether at the retailer branch, at the airport, or at the restaurant, an infokiosk […]
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Customized Software

Customized Software Based on 14 years of software development experience, the enthusiastic production team and the effort to update skills throught continuous learning and participation to R&D initiatives. Ask For More Tailor-made Software We deliver tailor-made software that automates enterprise-wide processes, or focusses on transactions with customers, vendors and partners. Also, we deliver software solutions […]
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Messaging and OTP Services

Messaging & OTP Services Our “any message, anywhere, anytime” solution allows our customers to communicate to their audience in an immediate bulk or personalized way. Ask For More MPASS messaging and OTP solution portfolio provides an easy-to-use and high-speed messaging services. Target your audience with: Informative messages Call-to-action messages Marketing advertisements Announcements Personalized info Content […]
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AR-based Wayfinding

Building an AR Wayfinding App MPASS delivers an innovative AR way-finding solution that uses a variety of IoT sensors and handsets’ image data to increase accuracy Ask For More Professional services and solutions Satellite based navigation is a great tool, but for small-scale and indoor navigation is not the optimum solution to support the required […]
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Data and Text Analytics

Data and Text Analytics MPASS Data and Text analytics service line helps enterprises and organizations to understand their data and adopt a data-centric approach on their businesses. Ask For More Professional services and solutions At first, we provide valuable professional services and solutions. So, to help our clients, mainly in retail and FMCG sector, to […]
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CRM/Loyalty Solutions

CRM/Loyalty Solutions MPASS CRM/Loyalty solution is a value for money service. And it manages information about customers and the rules for launching an effective loyalty rewarding scheme. Ask For More A value for money solution It is a fact, MPASS loyalty application logic systems easily configure various rules. That is, for collection (accrual), management and […]
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eCouponing platform

eCouponing platform An innovative platform, provided as SaaS service. So that, offers a unique features to retailers, enterprises, advertisers and service providers. That is, to design, launch, manage, evaluate coupons and discount campaigns, via multiple digital communication channels. Ask For More The Innovative Platform Surely, discount campaigns can be common for all customers collectively, direct […]
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MPASS mission is to merge the two worlds, Digital Technology and Business Processes, with the view to assist an organization in redesigning its relationship with customers, citizens, or consumers and contribute to accelerate efficiency, excellence and profitability.

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