Interactive Infokiosks

Recently, phygital experience has received more attraction. A classic example of offering phygital services is when infokiosks are used by organizations and enterprises.
We offer a turn-key solution for fast and secure design, deployment and support

Whether at the retailer branch, at the airport, or at the restaurant, an infokiosk makes it possible for users to accomplish routine tasks quickly and efficiently using digital technology in a specific physical space.

At the same time, it makes enterprises and organizations to deliver phygital services, making applications running on infokioks customer, or citizen-centric. Certainly, MPASS interactive infokiosk capitalizes on this evolving phygital service. In addition, based on the expertise gained by the top industry leaders who adopted and use our infokiosk services we offer a turn-key solution for fast and secure design, deployment and support of interactive, multi-touch, info-kiosk applications.


Our Solution

Above all, our solution can be customized to meet diverse business and operational requirements. So to, materialize information dissemination, engagement strategies, personalized services, data-driven applications, one-stop-shop features, and in-store advertisement opportunities.

In addition, we provide consulting services for the concept creation. We also cooperate deeply with the enterprises and organizations for the design of the appropriate applications running on infokiosks.

Yet, beyond existing apps, like, Information sharing and dynamic content management, eCouponing, Gamification, Lotteries, Surveys and ad-hoc Questionnaires, and other engagement micro-apps, several other customized applications can be materialized and launched on info-kiosks.
For instance, citizen/customer details registration, one-stop-shop, AZ product listing, virtual assistance, interactive maps etc

Our technical solution and expertise covers any phase of deployment:
  • Concept & Design
  • Reliable Support
    (120 technical support spots in Greece)
  • Collected data
  • Development
  • SaaS hosting of apps
  • Content Creation
  • Integration
    (e.g. with CRM/ERP/CMS)
  • Analytics & Statistics
  • Management


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