Data and Text Analytics

MPASS Data and Text analytics service line helps enterprises and organizations to understand their data and adopt a data-centric approach on their businesses.
Professional services and solutions

At first, we provide valuable professional services and solutions. So, to help our clients, mainly in retail and FMCG sector, to execute effective data-driven strategies.

Also, our data engineers and domain experts work with your stakeholders to design and develop, innovative, practical, and powerful applications that delivers business results.

Meanwhile, MPASS mainly focuses on customer analytics and insights. That is, to segment and characterize/describe the customers, based on their purchasing behavior to build more effective, or targeted promotions and campaigns.

The in-depth knowledge of the buying habits of the customer base helps to:

Valuable Marketing and Effective Campaigns

Of course, through our concentrated knowledge on, Behavioral and Value-based Segmentation, RFM and MBA Analysis, we help enterprises to design and execute valuable marketing and promotional campaigns. Additionally, services such as, AB campaign testing, localization, omnichannel and seasonal marketing, deliver more effective campaigns on focused target groups.

In addition, through the MPASS GotIt NLP module you can discover the context of the customers’ comments and texts, aggregated over the multiple input channels. In most cases, a superior understanding of context leads to the best business decisions.

Finally, the MPASS solutions portfolio, especially the CRM/Loyalty, the campaign manager and the mysocialpass platform, combined with the solutions on data and text analytics. That is, in order to offer a holistic ecosystem of digital solutions that fully address several business objectives and goals.


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