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MPASS shortlisted for the Future Travel Experience CX Awards

MPASS Ltd is one of the shortlisted candidates to claim the Best New Customer Experience Concept Award at the Future Travel Experience Innovate Awards this spring in Dublin. The initiative we will present is FRAwards, an enhanced Engagement & Gamification experience for travelers. 

MPASS Ltd collaborated with Fraport AG and Deutsche Lufthansa AG, two global leaders, through their joint venture FraAlliance GmbH, to offer an enhanced Engagement and  Gamification experience known as FRAwards.

The FRAwards objectives are to upgrade the traveler’s experience, to highlight & evaluate the services offered by Fraport & Lufthansa, to collect feedback from the travelers, as well as to stimulate the purchasing behavior of travelers.

FRAwards is available as a web service, as well as via interactive infotainment kiosks that are installed in a multifunctional space at Frankfurt’s airport, called Lab Gate. It is capitalized based on the MPASS platform’s call-to-action, engagement, & gamification mechanisms. The platform offers a variety of configurable elements, such as a rewarding engine for points, badges, a voucher marketplace, leaderboards, assignments, redemption policies, and more.

FRAwards also supports an integrated notifications engine. This is customized to send digital coupons such as voucher IDs through texting (SMS) or via email, that can be redeemed directly at in-airport retailer/F&B POS systems. The engine is parameterized to send notifications according to each player’s progress to increase the gamification experience, as well as their participation.

FRAwards experience is aiming to increase travelers’ awareness of Fraport & Lufthansa’s regulations, operational information, and marketing initiatives and gather their feedback via customizable surveys. Moreover, spotlights and promotes linked merchants & partners in using branded gamification techniques to enhance spontaneous purchases and walk-in rations.

We are proud and honored to be taking part in the competition and for having the opportunity to publicly present our initiative as a candidate for the Best New Customer Experience Concept award.

Find out more about our initiatives and concepts here.

MPASS mission is to merge the two worlds, Digital Technology and Business Processes, with the view to assist an organization in redesigning its relationship with customers, citizens, or consumers and contribute to accelerate efficiency, excellence and profitability.

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