FTE awards

MPASS shortlisted for the Future Travel Experience CX Awards

MPASS Ltd is one of the shortlisted candidates to claim the Best New Customer Experience Concept Award at the Future Travel Experience Innovate Awards this spring in Dublin. The initiative we will present is FRAwards, an enhanced Engagement & Gamification experience for travelers. MPASS Ltd collaborated with Fraport AG and Deutsche Lufthansa AG, two global […]
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augment reality

The Power of AR Technology in Customer Engagement

AR increases engagement. Fallacy or Reality? AR uses digital technology to superimpose computer-generated material on the physical neighboring environment, therefore increasing the user’s impression of their surroundings and creating unique and advanced experiences. Companies employ AR technologies to accomplish a breakthrough from traditional advertising and promoting methods by combining entertainment with the generation of new […]
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The FRAwards Gamification Experience Launched at Frankfurt Airport

Are you ready to fly? Fraport AG and Deutsche Lufthansa AG, two global leaders, through their joint venture FraAlliance GmbH, are collaborating with MPASS Ltd to offer a unique Engagement and Gamification experience at Frankfurt Airport.  The so-called FRAwards experience, capitalizes on MPASS platform’s call-to-action, engagement, and gamification mechanisms to upgrade the traveler’s experience, to highlight and evaluate the services offered by the two companies, to promote new […]
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MPASS mission is to merge the two worlds, Digital Technology and Business Processes, with the view to assist an organization in redesigning its relationship with customers, citizens, or consumers and contribute to accelerate efficiency, excellence and profitability.

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