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MPASS Ltd won prestigious award at the “Smart City Expo & Conference Awards 2023”

The first Smart City Expo & Conference Awards in Greece were organized on the 16th and 17th of June 2023. Participants showcased their innovative projects and their vision for the future of Smart Cities which represent a novel paradigm of urban organization. 

MPASS Ltd took part in the Expo and was awarded for the #energos_politis initiative of Astypalaia island which became possible through our groundbreaking ‘Engagement and Gamification’ for citizens’ participation platform.

The #energos_politis initiative born by the collaboration of MPASS Ltd and the Municipality of Astypalaia, is an interactive web application with remarkable versatility, which allows users to extensively personalize their experiences. The platform has been meticulously designed to cater specifically to the unique aspirations of the Municipality of Astypalaia and their ongoing unparalleled effort for a smart, sustainable island. The culmination of the island’s endeavor for new ways to achieve environmental sustainability along with the trailblazing ‘Engagement and Gamification’ platform of MPASS Ltd, resulted in a magnificent outcome and the award in the Smart Cities Exhibition.

We were excited to participate and hope to meet again and strengthen our commitment to paving the way for the implementation of new technologies that will engage people and make them active participants.

Lastly, our company’s unwavering commitment to innovation led us to enhance the Astypalaia project further, with the creation of the virtual assistant ‘Asty-pal Chatbot’. ‘Asty-pal’, integrated into the #energos_politis platform, is an advanced NLP model with the ability to address the public’s inquiries concerning recycling and electro-mobility in Astypalaia. Through it, users can stay fully informed about the environmental initiatives of their island at any moment during the day.

Find more about the #energos-politis project 

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