KRITIKOS Digital Transformation of Loyalty Process

ANEDIK-KRHTIKOS, a Greek food retailer with more than 350 branches, was looking for tools and systems for cleansing and consolidating data of loyalty program members and to create a single point of truth, before designing and launching an effective commercial and business strategy for both customers and loyalty members

Loyalty Process - Card Club Registration

To accomplish that, MPASS has customized the Loyalty/CRM platform to merge, check, validate and update data from various sources (stores & e-shop), and to achieve enrichment and de-duplication for data quality improvement. 

12. Mobile kritikos

This process was fundamental for ANEDIK-Kritikos, because with MPASS platforms and experience, the supermarket chain stopped the inefficient processing of printed registration forms, as used for loyalty program membership, and to entirely rely on a digital registration process and on-line validation of loyalty members’ information. This digital transformation step produces and stores only accurate and validated information of any loyal customer.

To this end ANEDIK-KRHTIKOS used MPASS Loyalty/CRM platform, as well as MPASS messaging platform, to unify customer data from multiple sources, to validate and de-duplicating data, and also to improve customer experience via a user-friendly journey for loyalty members registration/validation. Additionally MPASS platforms offered a GDPR-compatible, consent management flow when personal data and preferences are registered by loyalty members.

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MPASS mission is to merge the two worlds, Digital Technology and Business Processes, with the view to assist an organization in redesigning its relationship with customers, citizens, or consumers and contribute to accelerate efficiency, excellence and profitability.

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