AIA IAP Infokiosk App

The Athens International Airport (AIA) required an interactive infokiosks turn key solution that will offer digital services to passengers

18. AIA IAP kiosk landing page

The Athens International Airport (AIA) required an interactive infokiosks turn key solution. Τhat will offer digital services to passengers, such as regulated access to the internet, web-email, as well as ticket reservation and boarding pass printing. So, MPASS was chosen to design, develop, install, launch in operation and also to support several Interactive IAP Internet access touch-screens (IAP infokiosks) on the Main Terminal.

The IAP infokiosks are equipped with an Application Management Platform that supports multi-touch customised interactive entertainment and business applications.

It supports a number of sub-applications to enhance the user experience, such as RSS, social media feeds, weather, stock market, picture slider shows, etc. It also delivers a parametrized men for the passenger experience with customized look and feel, easy customization and adaptation of the menu(s) as per AIA requirements.

A customized admin web-panel is delivered to AIA officials providing a detailed real time usage reporting and analytics, the top applications used and the printing of tickets/boarding pass reports. More than twenty-five (25) IAP infokiosks have been installed in the main terminal.

Finally, MPASS Content Management System (CMS) has been customized to enable fast updates of the content on the infokiosks.

MPASS mission is to merge the two worlds, Digital Technology and Business Processes, with the view to assist an organization in redesigning its relationship with customers, citizens, or consumers and contribute to accelerate efficiency, excellence and profitability.

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