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The Athens International Airport (AIA) decided to capitalize on the popularity of the social media channels and launch a chatbot, to increase passengers experience on several social media channels, such as Facebook Messenger, VIBER and Twitter

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The AIA chatbot helps AIA to interact with passengers and build strong relationship with them, gain insights from their feedback journeys and surveys and promote the AIA shopping center.

The AIA chatbot application, designed and maintained by the MPASS “mysocialpass” chatbot management platform, has been parameterized to:

The AIA chatbot simultaneously offers uninterrupted service, 24x7x365, anytime, without waiting times and human operators’ costs. The MPASS “mysocialpass” platform has been used to configure the flow on the bot, to manage the offered content, messages and texts. The MPASS GotIt NLP engine has been used to train the bot, and deliver simple responses on atomic queries, or guided multi-query dialogues that require some state to be fulfilled.

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