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loyalty awards

AB Vassilopoulos & MPASS won the Gold at the Loyalty Awards for the “AB Plus Games” platform

AB Vassilopoulos & MPASS won first place at the Loyalty Awards, thus receiving the Gold medal for the “AB Plus Games: The interactive Engagement & Gamification platform”. MPASS’ service, the Engagement & Gamification platform, was customized with the valuable help and trust of the AB Vassilopoulos team.

Our collaboration with AB Vassilopoulos, a leading factor in the Greek food retailing market, initially began more than 10 years ago, and our gamification venture was decided upon 5 years ago. From the TouchPoint Infokiosk App until now, our partnership continues to bring forth fruitful results, innovative ideas, and technologies.

AB Vassilopoulos offers a unique and fascinating omnichannel experience for its clients based on MPASS’  Engagement and Gamification platform. Due to its responsive nature the “AB: Plus Games” are available and can be accessed through the users’ online account at www.ab.gr, on the AB app, at over 400 AB infokiosks and finally through Facebook’s messenging chatbot – which was created and is operated by MPASS. 

“AB: Plus Games” was manifested based on MPASS’ call-to-action, engagement, and gamification mechanisms. The platform offers a variety of configurable elements, such as a rewarding engine, redemption policies, a leaderboard section, and games!  These games are categorised as games of luck, fun, mentally stimulating, and educational! 

Customers can create their own profile to monitor their ranking and progress among all players via the leaderboard section and they have access to the history section which shows all of the actions they have taken and all the points they have earned.

The results we have accumulated thus far prove our venture’s success. More than 6 million games have been played in total, by 450,000 unique players! The 200+ mechanisms enabled on the platform have been individually tailored to support new product launches, AB actions, seasonal actions as well as promotions from product suppliers.

Our gamification project is now positioned amongst the largest ones in Greece!

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