OSE Trains’ Delays Reporting System

The Greek Railway Organization (OSE) was looking for an integrated system for encouraging zero-delays performance of the railways

MPASS offered a customized solution that aims to assign financial motivations to the Railway Infrastructure Manager and the Railway Service Manager to minimize delays on routes.

This scope is materialized through continuous monitoring. Coupled with, capturing data, data analysis, accountability, reporting and assessment of the reasons and sources of train delays, based on predefined performance rules, train routes and time schedules. Additionally, at the end of each train route, the system reports a clear view of the causes of delays, assigns responsibilities and evaluates compensations for any potential deviations on the schedule.

Moreover, a map that analyses delays in a more visualized option, embedded in the provided web-portal. User interface provided via a typical web-portal provided and hosted by MPASS in a SaaS mode. Human operators and controllers have access to real time information. External operators have also moderated access though secure web-interfaces.