Minoan Lines Messaging Platform

The Minoan Lines, a leader in passenger ships in the Mediterranean, requires a reliable, cost-effective easy to use and high-speed solution for both mobile SMS and VIBER marketing campaigns and automated messaging, that can send messages to passengers all over the globe.

To reach this, Minoan Lines multichannel strategy, the MPASS messaging platform was setup for both SMS and Viber messaging.

MPASS messaging platform is a reliable and high-speed service for sending transactional messages such as booking confirmations, boarding passes, announcements, alerts about itineraries, in an automated process (e.g., when a booking is confirmed).

Additionally, it can be delivered as a marketing campaign manager tool and content distribution platform.

The MPASS messaging platform is a GDPR compliant web-based system that enables commercial and marketing teams to manage a marketing and content distribution campaign, to schedule the campaign in time, to organize the target groups per campaign, to view in real time the delivery statuses of messages and the overall progress.

Supporting up to ten parameters in the body text, campaigns can be personalized. Also, the Viber to fallback SMS feature enables for cost optimization.