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Community Survey on ICT Usage in Households by Individuals

A survey was conducted by InfoSociety S.A. at the Q4 of 2013 regarding the use of new technologies and the Web in Greece. From the survey several key findings can be derived, the most important of them being:

  • 57.6% of the population has used the web at least once during the last week when asked, while a 81.0% of the internet users are online on a daily basis.
  • 91.5% of the Greek population is using the web through their computer. Furthermore, a percentage of 18.7% accesses the internet via mobile devices thanks to the dynamic growth of 3G technologies and smartphone penetration, while there is a significantly increased percentage in internet connections through SmartTV, reaching an impressive number of 6.1%.
  • Greeks use the internet mainly for market research as 76.7% of the participants have answered that their online activities are focused on finding information for goods and services. Particularly, the dynamic shopping audience in the age range of 26-35 reaches a high of 82.9% for that matter.
  • More than 50% of internet users have made online purchases during 2013, stating that the reason for preferring internet versus physical stores is the fact that lower prices and offers can be found online.

The above findings reveal that Greeks have fully integrated the use of latest generation technologies into their daily activities. With a steadily accelerating rate of smartphone penetration, data shows that access to the internet through mobile devices in Greece is upshifting rapidly. In addition to the foregoing, Greeks are now embracing new emerging, alternative communication channels for internet connectivity such as SmartTV, a digital channel which acquired significantly increased rates in the ICT connectivity share.

Also noteworthy is the fact that at least one out of two Greek users have made online purchases of goods and services, which verifies the ongoing take-up of e-commerce activity in Greece.

Based on the above findings, useful conclusions can be derived about the shopping behavior of Greek consumers. A now more tech-savvy Greek consumer favors the connectivity through mobile devices and new digital channels mainly for market research, searching information about goods and services, comparing prices and also finding deals, offers and savings. This tendency in the shopping behavior along with the constant rise of e-commerce in Greece opens new opportunities for marketers for new, seamless ways of engaging audiences and effectively promoting their brand messages.

For more info visit: http://icteval.ktpae.gr/stats/delivery2

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