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Cooperation between MPASS and Fraport & Lufthansa

MPASS announces its collaboration with Fraport AG and Deutsche Lufthansa AG, two leader companies in their field, and their partnership FraAlliance.

The aim of this collaboration is to utilize MPASS Engagement platform, in order to update travelers’ experience, highlight and promote services offered by the two companies, promote the available new digital services and stimulate travelers’ consumer behavior.

By using the Engagement Platform, which is developed by MPASS, travelers participate in call-to-action games, tasks, quizzes and trials in order to complete missions.

That way, they can collect points and badges, which they can redeem through the platform in services and offers provided by the airport’s shops and in Lufthansa’s and Fraport’s services.

This new upgraded experience will be available through smartphones, web application and through interactive info-kiosks that will be placed in specially designed areas.

MPASS Engagement Platform combines unique physical, digital and virtual trials for travelers or consumers. It is expected that it will be used by more that half million passengers during the first 6 months of its operation.