Consum, one of the biggest Spanish retailers, with 600 supermarket stores and Danone, the multinational agri-food products giant, famous for its yoghurts, join forces in order to start a campaign to activate their consumers.

To do it, they choose Hooptap as the platform to boost the relationship with their customers and incentivize the most important activity, purchase. The goals were clear, increase consumer engagement with both brands and increasing the average consumption in a 20%.

Consum and Danone challenge users to collect points. They can play informative games that help learning about the benefits of the products in the promotion thus increase brand and product knowledge, with the help of entertainment game mechanics. For their participation, the users rewarded with the most important way: buying the products. More specifically, the users participated in the games will receive points to redeem at Consum supermarkets.

To do so, Consum’s point of sale system communicates with Hooptap’s platform, and each purchase done by users is transformed in an immediate reward.

Moreover, the campaign is segmented according to the purchasing profile of the client, so challenges and content offered by the platform are fully personalized for each one of them.

Finally, when they beat the challenge they get access to prizes in the Market Place section to redeem their points and access additional content to keep on collecting points and more prizes.

In this case is Hooptap’s platform who tells the retailer which prizes have been redeemed, which users of them and in which point of sale are they going to pick them up, making logistics management easier for the retailer.

Brand-customer interaction is served with this platform and, this way, both brands boost loyalty in their customers and achieve their sales goals.

About Hooptap:

Hooptap is the gamification platform to activate any audience and boost revenue and is the latest partnership of MPASS.  Hooptap creates mobile and web apps powered by its gamification platform, and it also allows third parties to integrate this engine in their own apps. This way, Hooptap helps companies to build a more relevant relationship with their consumers. 

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